Report: Braves aren’t sure what Drew Smyly’s role will be moving forward

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I made my thoughts pretty clear earlier this week after Drew Smyly‘s last start — there’s no reason he should be starting another game for the Braves. There was a stretch there in the middle of the season where he was serviceable, but the whole body of work on the season — 4.75 ERA/5.34 FIP — doesn’t lie. He’s been a bad pitcher in 2021, and Atlanta has other really quality options.

They should have never skipped Touki Toussaint‘s spot in the rotation in the first place, but at least the Braves have accepted it was a mistake. Yesterday, Brian Snitker revealed that Touki would be starting in the upcoming series against Colorado. Hopefully, that extra time off doesn’t ruin any of the good juju he had going, but what does that mean for Drew Smyly? Well, it doesn’t look like the Braves are quite sure yet.

I don’t know what the Braves have to see, but the answer should be obvious. As I said earlier in the week, there’s no reason Smyly should start another game. The Braves are now just two games up in the division. It’s not June anymore; the time for experimenting is over.

I understand the Braves spent $11 million on Smyly this offseason, but they must accept their losses and move on. Who knows? Maybe Smyly can provide a spark out of the bullpen. I wouldn’t count on it, but at the very least, it’s time to try something different. Touki Toussaint has earned this spot in the rotation. He gives the Braves the best chance to win every five days, and that is all that matters coming down the stretch.

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