Report: Hawks not interested in a sign-and-trade involving John Collins

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According to an earlier report from Sam Amick of The Athletic, John Collins has a massive offer on the table from the Hawks. Yet, even with money drying up in free agency, Collins is holding out and trying to drive his own market. As I pointed out earlier, it looks like the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder are the only teams that could offer Collins anything close to what he has on the table from the Hawks. Unless a trade is made, it appears his market is set. Even though it seems that The Baptist is playing hardball in free agency, which I don’t blame him for, the Hawks have no plans to move on from Collins via a trade or Restricted Free Agency.

Amick has an interesting nugget at the end; even if Collins is going to make the Hawks sweat it out, they aren’t interested in moving him… yet.

The Hawks, sources say, want to keep Collins and aren’t interested in sign-and-trade options at this time

Maybe something will change if Collins continues to hold out, but I think the contract he has been offered is more than reasonable. I can’t blame him for pushing for what he thinks he is worth. Still, $125 million over five years would be the third richest contract handed out in the 2021 free agency period to this date.

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