Report: John Collins has a five-year, $125 million offer on the table from the Hawks

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According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, John Collins has a very appealing offer on the table from the Hawks, but he has yet to accept it.


There are various reasons why Collins may still be holding out, but I think this is a strange move on his behalf. I can understand Collins turning down the $90 million extension that Atlanta offered him last offseason, but he got what he wanted —  a substantial raise and security. If he accepts it, Collins would get the largest amount of total dollars in this free-agent class so far (Chris Paul got $120 million) and would be the third-highest player in annual value behind Paul and Kyle Lowry. I wrote about this earlier; there aren’t many teams left that would offer him that kind of money, and it doesn’t seem like restricted free agency is going to bring a better offer to the table than what Atlanta has reportedly given to Collins. Amick agrees with me:

It remains to be seen where he might be able to get an offer sheet that’s any bigger. According to our in-house capologist, Danny Leroux, only Oklahoma City and San Antonio still have more than $20 million available in cap space. There also are no indications that either team is planning to add Collins.

I’m not sure what the hold-up is, but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to swoop in and offer anything better than what Collins reportedly has on the table from the Hawks right now.

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