SportsTalkATL’s Week 13 Predictions

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Chase Irle’s Prediction

Two weeks ago against the Saints might be the most embarrassed I’ve been all year of this Falcons squad. They were coming off a bye in a must-win situation against their division rival, who was without their Hall-of-Fame quarterback and Pro-Bowl cornerback. The result? A 24-9 thrashing that saw the Falcons shutout in the second half. This time, Atlanta doesn’t have the extra rest, but they are coming off their best performance of the season and at home — whatever that means in this COVID season. Still, I think the Falcons should keep this game much more competitive. They have tape on Taysom Hill now and played him once. Atlanta’s defense will limit the scoring. As long as they can protect the football, they have a fantastic chance of pulling the upset.

Falcons 24, Saints 17

Jake Gordon’s Prediction

What’s there to really play for this week? One word: Pride. New Orleans embarrassed Atlanta with Taysom Hill two weeks ago, and while Raheem Morris is making a case to stick around — if he loses this one, he’s toast. Forget the two games remaining with Tampa; this is a statement game. Atlanta’s defense has been so good at times (like against Vegas), and they’ll need a repeat performance with Dirk Koetter calling plays. If New Orleans’ defense plays like they did last time and Atlanta’s defense doesn’t shut down their offense, Morris can start preparing his resumé to look for another job in a month.

Falcons 20, Saints 9

Alex Lord’s Prediction

After what happened just a couple of weeks ago, I think the Falcons defense will have the answers come Sunday. However, this is Sean Payton we are talking about — one of the greatest offensive minds in the game. It would be stupid not to assume he won’t be able to scheme up some points with Taysom Hill. Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in Dirk Koetter and Atlanta’s offense against a Saints defense that has turned into one of the best in the league. I see the Falcons struggling to score as well, and since Koetter hasn’t shown any signs of being able to adjust, the Saints win a close one.

Falcons 19, Saints 23

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