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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Thomas Dimitroff gives his opinion on who the 49ers will draft & how it affects Atlanta

On Michael Silver’s Pass It Down podcast, former Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff gave insight into Kyle Shanahan, Atlanta’s offensive coordinator from 2015-16, and his …

Trey Lance
2021 NFL Draft

Report: Broncos have called Falcons about trading up, “highly regard” Trey Lance & Justin Fields

This news isn’t much of a shocker, but it seems that trade rumors are starting to heat up only ten days out of the 2021 …

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2021 NFL Draft

Anonymous NFL GMs weigh in on what the Falcons will do with the fourth pick

We are finally deep into “anonymous general manager/scout” season in the NFL, and of course, everyone around the league is just as in the dark …

Trey Lance
2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Justin Fields & Trey Lance set additional pro day dates

According to Chris Mortensen, Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith could get an extra look at two prospects the Falcons could be interested in at fourth …

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2021 NFL Draft

Ranking the quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft

It’s time for my most contentious article of 2021! You can poll 100 football fans, and they will all disagree on the top five quarterbacks …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons in on 2021 crop of quarterback prospects

Even after the recent blockbuster trade that resulted in San Francisco holding Miami’s third overall pick, the Falcons will be in on this crop of …

2021 NFL Draft

Could the Falcons be sitting on a goldmine at No. 4 in the NFL Draft?

The Atlanta Falcons’ fourth-overall pick in this April’s draft could be a goldmine after a trade on Friday afternoon. The blockbuster trade launched the San …

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davis mills

Falcons: 2021 NFL Draft quarterback pro comparisons

What sucks about evaluating a quarterback is some of them simply won’t translate because they have been put in a bad situation. I think Jacksonville …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Jake’s method for evaluating NFL Draft quarterback prospects

While it seems unlikely that the Falcons will select a quarterback fourth overall, I think the discussion around Atlanta picking Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or Trey …

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Is Justin Fields the answer for the Falcons at quarterback?

I don’t foresee Atlanta selecting a quarterback with the fourth overall pick, or even using the fourth overall pick as it is. However, you have …

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