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Al Horford

Evaluating every Hawks rumor leading up to the draft

It’s the time of the year were the rumor mill is running rampant. Everywhere you turn, there is a new player the Hawks are targeting …


Cavs’ rough start not great news for the Hawks

It’s hard to imagine 2018 getting any worse for the city of Cleveland than it is right now. First, they lose in the NBA Finals …

Draymond Green

Top 5 Free Agents: Power Forwards

Note: All ranking are relative to the Hawks, considering the fit, need and talent of each player. 1. Lamarcus Aldridge- Can you say a dream …


The Hawks 3 Biggest Free Agent Prizes

1. Lamarcus Aldridge/Marc Gasol- I decided to tie these guys together because I believe without a doubt the addition of either one of these guys …

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