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Will Braves be interested in signing Trevor Bauer? Brian Snitker has vehement answer

One of the most controversial players in baseball is Trevor Bauer. Despite being among the most talented pitchers on the planet, his off-the-field baggage is …

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Will the Braves go into the luxury tax?

Much has been made about the Braves becoming a top-five payroll after Braves Chairman Terry McGuirk claimed that was the goal earlier in the offseason. …

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Braves seen as the biggest threats to sign Jacob deGrom away from Mets

The MLB offseason is officially underway, as clubs are eligible to re-sign their in-house free agents before Thursday, when they’ll be able to sign anyone. …

Joc Pederson
Atlanta Braves

Braves Report: Joc Pederson receiving interest from the Guardians

There is no doubt the Braves would not have won the World Series without the addition of Joc Pederson. Not only did he come through …

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Atlanta Braves

Braves: Number of teams interested in Jorge Soler expected to rise due to universal DH

The MLB lockout has officially ended, and now we’ll get three months’ worth of rumors in a matter of days. According to Mark Feinsand, Jorge …

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