Hawks have fourth-best lottery odds right now

Hawks have fourth-best lottery odds right now

If this truly is the end of the 2019-20 season, there are two guarantees as far as the Atlanta Hawks are concerned. Vince Carter might …

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Hawks share best lottery odds after recent skid

Just when fans started to get their hopes up after the Hawks prevailed in a back-to-back against the Nets and Trail Blazers, the team came …

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Checking in on the Hawks Lottery odds going into the second half

The NBA will return on Thursday after a memorable All-Star Break and some much-needed rest for a young Hawks team. The regular season always goes …


Hawks: Trae Young, Travis Schlenk in attendance to watch Anthony Edwards

The Hawks currently have the worst record in the NBA. If they were to finish in that spot, they would have a 14% chance at …


Recapping the genius of Travis Schlenk this offseason

Schlenk told us before the offseason started Atlanta was not going to be one of the more active teams in free agency. They planned to …

164190128105 duke at nd

Grading the Hawks draft class

I’m not going to go through grading each selection. I’m judging this draft class as a whole, and it all starts with the trade to …

djk1903160059 florida state vs duke

Hawks select Cam Reddish 10th overall

Some Hawks fans were living on a prayer that Cam Redish would fall to the Hawks at 8. Well, the Hawks traded up from that …

sekou doumbouya cropped

Trying to predict a crazy Hawks draft night

The night is finally here, and I am going to attempt to break down what I think will happen on what has the potential to …

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5 Worst Hawks draft picks of all-time

For the majority of Hawks history, the night of the NBA draft was looked upon with hopeless optimism. It went something like, “They couldn’t possibly …


What goes into the perfect draft night?

The NBA draft is the most exciting night for a rebuilding team, especially ones in small markets with little hope of landing a superstar in free …

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