The Falcons should call the Jets about Quinnen Williams

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We’ve done a lot of talk about Atlanta possibly subtracting at the deadline. Earlier last week, I wrote about how critical it was to trade Alex Mack on an expiring contract. However, I think there is potential to add as well.


Nobody really knows what the hell the Jets are doing. They’ve already shipped out exceptional young talent in Jamal Adams, but at least they got a decent return. Regardless, he’s a top-three box safety in the league, and they decided to move him before his 25th birthday. Even with the return, they’re spinning their wheels on a rebuild by not building around elite young pieces. However, as they say, one man’s trash…

It’s pretty clear New York is searching for draft capital, and Atlanta could be apprehensive about giving it up. Still, Quinnen Williams is a player I’m okay with giving some up for, even if he doesn’t play a premium position. I’ve already discussed the merits of moving to a 3-4 defense, and Williams has experience with it at Alabama under Nick Saban and with the Jets. Grady Jarrett and Marlon Davidson would make fantastic 3-4 ends, and Williams would be the missing mountain in the middle plugging up holes. His numbers in the NFL haven’t been amazing, but being coached by Gregg Williams and Adam Gase can’t be too conducive to development. His tape speaks for itself.


Running a 4.83 at 303 lbs should not be possible. Atlanta’ defense is still a sore spot, and Williams is a guy I’m willing to gamble on if the price isn’t too high. I think a first-round pick is too much to pay, but if it is a second-rounder, the Falcons should seriously consider it. Making a trade like this would be tough to pull off with no permanent GM in place, but he fills a big need for Atlanta. If the Falcons could figure out how to make the money work without giving up a first-round pick, it makes a ton of sense. However, that may not be possible.

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