Video: Ex-Falcons’ Marcus Mariota footage from Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ released

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Netflix just released more footage of their upcoming docuseries titled ‘Quarterback’ following Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and former Falcons’ signal caller Marcus Mariota:

It premieres this Wednesday and should be riveting. Mahomes is the best player in the league and should be treated as football royalty, so any inside look at his approach should be graciously appreciated. As always, the Super Bowl champions will be an intriguing watch.

Cousins isn’t my cup of tea, but he’s a solid quarterback in this league, and some people may find his down-to-earth, quirky personality warming. Moreover, the Vikings had a wildly successful year despite hardly eclipsing a positive point differential for much of the season.

However, I’ve seen some people wonder what Mariota is doing with this bunch. It’s crazy. His time in Atlanta was marred by inconsistencies, but it’s by far the most gripping storyline.

Marcus Mariota was brought in to be a bridge quarterback for Desmond Ridder. The veteran started every game but the last four weeks and experienced a turbulent campaign. There were highlights — winning NFC Player of the Week for his efforts in a home win over the 49ers — and lowlights — the throw turned meme on Thursday Night Football against the Panthers.

Eventually, Arthur Smith decided it was time to hand the rookie the reins, which came much too late in the season, in my opinion. I digress, though. Mariota apparently didn’t take it too well.

A phantom injury kept him away from the team, even though nothing ever showed up on the injury report. It became clear he was quitting on the Falcons and Ridder, which was very atypical of Mariota, given his sterling reputation as a person, teammate, and leader.

Why this hasn’t been a bigger story is beyond me. Maybe it’s because he’s past his prime and doesn’t really matter, or the fact that it happened to the Falcons, who nobody really cares about outside of Atlanta.

I’ll be watching to see what kind of behind the scenes look we get at the situation.

Photographer: John Byrum/Icon Sportswire

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