Will future free agents start to flock to the Falcons?

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For much of the last five years, the Falcons haven’t exactly been a destination for desirable free agents. The team hasn’t been good, there hasn’t been much money to go around, and their home stadium has become a graveyard. Nothing about the Atlanta Falcons has been attractive for free agents, but that started to change this offseason, and it could be a sign of things to come.

One of the most shocking moves of any free agent this offseason was Calais Campbell choosing to sign with the Falcons. He’s a future Hall-of-Famer with an immaculate resumé. The only thing missing? That elusive Super Bowl ring, which he had the opportunity to chase by signing with one of several contenders interested in his services. Instead, he chose the Falcons, primarily because of the culture fit.

Culture is something Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith have placed an emphasis on from the moment they stepped into the building. It can be seen in their draft picks and free agent signings. The personality of each player they bring in is just as important as the value they provide on the field, and it’s starting to catch on around the league.

According to Terry Fontenot, there were loads of free agents hoping to play for the Falcons this offseason. So much so, that he referred to it as “overwhelming.”

It’s only training camp, and it’s not going to matter if it doesn’t translate to wins on the field, but there is a different feel around the Falcons heading into the 2023 campaign.

For the first time in quite a while, Atlanta will field a competent roster, and nobody is more aware of that than Arthur Smith.

It feels like all of the guys — front office, coaches, and players — are pulling on the same rope. They see the vision and are buying into the process. This could be the start of something really special in Atlanta.

Photo: Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

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