Will the Braves eclipse their Vegas season win total?

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Vegas has set the Braves’ win total for the 2022 campaign, and if you like money, I suggest you take a hard look at this number.

I wouldn’t say this shocks me because Vegas, as well as other projection models, seem to always be a little low on the Braves, but this is a number I will be hammering before the season starts.

In two of the last three full seasons, the Braves have eclipsed this number. Atlanta also outperformed Vegas’ win total during the shortened COVID campaign in 2020, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe they won’t do it again.

From top to bottom, this is one of the best rosters the Braves have ever put together. Once Acuna returns, every member of the lineup has 30+ home run potential, and the pitching staff should be even better than last season. The rotation is almost exactly the same, except the young arms have more experience. The bullpen might be the best in all of baseball, and to top it all off, they could have reinforcements coming later in the year in the form of Mike Soroka and Kirby Yates.

There’s really only one reason this win total shouldn’t be well above 90, and that’s the competition within the division. The Mets and Phillies both look to have playoff-caliber rosters, but how many times have we heard that story before? The Braves have a track record of success, and they have a boatload of new faces that are hungry to win. I’m taking the over on this win total every day of the week, and I imagine I’ll be a very happy man at the end of the season.

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