Braves Report: Here is the “issue” between the Braves and Freddie Freeman

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According to Jon Heyman, the Braves and Freddie Freeman are still expected to get a deal done, but there remains a point of contention:

This is a bit puzzling, I don’t think Freeman’s play-style and position will cause any steep decline in his play. We’ve seen players like Joey Votto perform at a high level at 38 years old, and I think Freeman will stave off decline more effectively. Freeman doesn’t have to have the home run going to be in a groove — he can spray the ball to all parts of the park and get on base at a high level, as can Joey Votto. I’m even comfortable with seven years for Freeman.

We already know the Braves offered Freeman a five-year contract earlier this offseason — one that would have made him the highest-paid first baseman in the game, topping Paul Goldschmidt‘s five-year, $130 million. However, the difference between Goldschmidt and Freeman is that Goldschmidt never tested the waters of unrestricted free agency. Had he done that, he likely would have signed an even more lucrative contract. Goldy also wasn’t coming off an MVP and World Series win in back-to-back seasons. Freeman will get a six-year offer from someone, and if you ask me, the Braves would be absolute fools to let him walk over the extra season.

As Heyman stated, I still think the Braves and Freeman get something done. This is a simple negotiation, and I believe that both sides come to a deal that they are satisfied with at the end of the process.

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