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SportsTalkATL’s Mailbag Monday: (1/25)

Thoughts on coaching hires other than Arthur Smith? (@spencerlee_02) Dean Pees will be something completely different from Dan Quinn in that they have two different …

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SportsTalkATL’s Mailbag Monday (1/11/21)

Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions on Twitter to our intern! We’re bringing Mailbag Monday back and it’s here to stay, so if you …

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Mailbag Monday: Who will be the Braves’ 5th starter?

What are your expectations for the Falcons draft this year? (Jaxson_Mebius on Instagram) I’ve talked about this on the podcast several times, and I’ve probably …


You know what time it is: Mailbag Monday

Will the Hawks sign a super star this offseason? (@m3_turner) Chase Irle: Atlanta has a little over $62 million on the books already for next …

Mailbag Monday

Mailbag Monday: Your Atlanta sports questions answered

What’s the best possible pickup the Hawks could get for next year?- @MarkStewartRTR Harrison Coburn:¬†Given the team’s assets, the best pickup I could them going …

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