SportsTalkATL’s College Football Gambling Locks: Week 10

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Jake Gordon’s Locks

I am absolutely smoking hot after last week in which I went 4-0, with one of those wins being Liberty money line, putting me up a ton of units this season. Unfortunately, I don’t love the board this week, so I only have two picks for you. 

App State (-16) vs. Georgia State

I know: this isn’t the App State team we are used to seeing, but they still have enough talent to beat the brakes off of Georgia State. 

Purdue vs. Northwestern (Under 50.5)

Love the under in this game — two teams with good defenses in what should be a competitive contest. Points will be at a premium. Take the under. 

Season Record (25-10)

Chase Irle’s Locks

A tough week last Saturday for bettors who rode the favorites. There were many upsets, and Georgia just looked like a middle of the road team against Florida. I went 1-2, but I’m still a couple of games over .500 for the season, and I like the board this week. 

Eastern Carolina at Cincinnati (Over 55)

The Bearcats look like the best team outside of the Power 5; however, covering by four touchdowns is a lot, so I’m riding the over in this one. Eastern Carolina is giving up nearly 40 points a game, and that is against teams not nearly as good as Cincinnati. The Bearcats should be able to approach this number on their own. If Eastern Carolina can put up a couple of touchdowns, this one is going over. 

Kentucky (-17) vs. Vandy

I don’t love Kentucky, but they have enough talent to stick it to Vandy, who is the doormat of the SEC. Ride the Wildcats to a cash on Saturday. 

Penn State (-3) at Nebraska

Penn State is 0-3 on the season and 0-3 ATS the spread, which means something has to give, right? This is a small number they have to cover against a bad Nebraska team, and I expect them to earn their first win of the season. 

Arkansas (+17) at Florida

This line is just too high for a Florida team coming off a huge victory over Georgia. Arkansas is a damn good football team that is playing with a lot of confidence. They’ll be ready to fight in their biggest game of the season thus far. 

Utah (-2.5) at UCLA

I’m going to keep it a buck with you guys; I can’t name a single player on either team, but UCLA was one of those fade every week teams last season, and I can’t imagine things have gotten much better. Unless Utah’s program has completely fallen off a cliff, I expect them to win this one with ease. 

Season Record (17-15)

Turner Skehan’s Locks

Unfortunately, Turner wasn’t available to give his weekly rundown on his locks, but it’s not like they are any good anyway. Here are his picks. 

App State (-16) vs. Georgia State

Notre Dame (-13.5) at Boston College

Florida (-17) vs. Arkansas

Season Record (5-9)

Blaine Irle’s Locks

Welp, we had a good run last week. Sadly, I took my bookie for all he was worth, so now I need to find a new cash cow. 7-3 Last week wasn’t bad, but what did I say? I was built for greatness, so let’s run it back and try to go perfect this week. I absolutely love love love the board this week. I feel like Vegas is just throwing spreads up there and daring me to flinch. Well, guess what, Vegas? I don’t f*****g flinch! 10 games last week, and this time I have 11.

And…. Here….. We…. Go…. *insert Joker gif*

Miami (+2) at Virginia

This is the first spread I saw this week, and my knee jerk reaction was to mutter “What the hell are they thinking?” If you are riding with me, then we are family, and we don’t flinch in the Irle family. Take Miami and the points.

Indiana (-7) at Michigan State

Indiana isn’t great, but Michigan State is BIG trash. Sparty loses by at least 10 in this one.

Liberty (-32.5) vs. Western Carolina

LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY!!! A rolling 7-0 Liberty team against a Western Carolina team that has yet to play a game this season? Let’s ride the Freeze train all the way to the bank.

Penn State (-3) at Nebraska

Is there any team that has had a more demoralizing start to their season than Penn State? No, but I can tell you a team that looks just as bad *cough* *cough* Nebraska. After watching the LSU defense this season, I can’t believe Bo Pelini used to rack up ten-win seasons at Nebraska like it was nothing. It’s almost like anyone can do it. That is… anyone but Scott Frost. Nebraska might want to end up booking that flight to Uzbekistan because that’s the only place they will get a win this year. Give me Penn State and their decimated runningback room in this one.

Rutgers (-7) vs. Illinois

Schianoman Schianoman, won’t you win us some money, man? These picks are just too easy.

Georgia State (+16) at App State

App State is a team that has already burned me twice in the first two weeks of the season. I quickly learned that these guys are frauds. On their third head coach in three years, this is not the same App State that the public is used to seeing. They’re 5-1 but 1-5 against the spread. I don’t really like Georgia State, but this feels like in blackjack when you have a 15, and the dealer is showing a face card. You just have to hit.

Arkansas (+17) at Florida

If Georgia State is like getting a 15 against a face, then Arkansas +17 is like getting an eleven when the dealer is showing a 5. Double down, don’t even take a second to think about it. Everyone on earth saw Florida’s absolute thrashing of Georgia last week. Arkansas is a perfect 6-0 against the spread this season. The stars have aligned, and they are telling me to yell “WOOOOO PIG” at the top of my lungs. This probably means I am going to get fucked with a two. But I didn’t sit down at this table to guess what card is next; I sat down here to make money. So, let’s double down, card face-down, please dealer. (:

Wisconsin (-4.5) at Michigan

If Graham Mertz plays in this game, which I suspect he will, put your house on Wisconsin. Hell, put your firstborn child on Wisconsin. The Badgers may end up being a legit contender in the Big Ten with Mertz under center. Get in early before they activate him, and the line moves. Wisco will probably cover either way.

Northwesters (2.5) at Purdue

Another game where I just don’t understand the line at all. Am I the only one that thinks Northwestern is legitimately good? I guess so… because I have them winning by more than a field goal against the Boilermakers. Can we just take a moment to recognize how dumb of a mascot that is? Might as well take Northwestern on that alone.

Utah (2.5) at UCLA

Utes baby Utes!! Who is UCLA’s coach? Is it still Chip Kelly? God is he washed. Don’t know much about either of these teams; I just really want to bet on a PAC-12 game, and this just feels right. 

Did someone say ML parlay for the cherry on top? Why not?

Miami, Northwestern, Coastal Carolina, and Rutgers all money line. Pays out +552 as of this writing; thank me later.

Season Record (8-5)

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