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Calvin Ridley

Falcons: Calvin Ridley and Deshaun Watson suspensions reveal where NFL’s priorities lie

Calvin Ridley’s suspension is making headlines again after reports surfaced of Deshaun Watson’s potential suspension. The NFL came down with a swift and harsh punishment …

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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons: Is a Deshaun Watson trade even more plausible after the Matthew Stafford trade?

In one of the most high-profile trades in recent memory, Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff were exchanged in a move comprised of swapping quarterbacks, the …

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deshaun watson

Falcons named one of the favorites to land Deshaun Watson

Usually, I’m not particularly eager to excite the fan base with things I think are highly unlikely to happen, but Vegas seems to think Deshaun …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: How a Deshaun Watson trade to Miami could benefit Atlanta

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s clear that Jack Easterby has crippled the Texans organization and one of the two or three best …

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deshaun watson

Falcons: Is a Deshaun Watson trade to Atlanta even possible?

There’s a flurry of news surrounding former Falcons ball boy & Georgia native Deshaun Watson, so naturally, some Falcons fans are eager to bring him …

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