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Hawks select Luka Doncic with the 3rd overall pick Early in the draft process, reports suggested the Hawks were not as interested in European prospect Luka Doncic and favored some of the elite front court prospects available at the top of the draft. However, recently multiple sources have suggested the Hawks are high on Doncic and will likely be selecting him if he slips past the Kings at number two. .@SeanDeveney has reported that the Hawks are unlikely to take Jaren Jackson at 3, but the time is likely to take Luka Doncic if he is still available. — reading »

The bad news is that the Washington Nationals, yet again, made a midseason move for an elite late-inning option in efforts to bolster their bullpen when they traded for Kelvin Herrera. The good news is that doing so has yet to pay dividends for the Nationals in years past, and they just set the trade market for bullpen arms. Luckily for the Atlanta Braves, the market has not been set very high. The Nationals did not have to give up any of their highly touted prospects in exchange for Herrera’s services, who owns a 1.05 ERA on the season. The Braves may not lock up...Continue reading »

Depending on who you ask, the Hawks are taking seven different players with the third overall pick. Speculation has been swirling around Atlanta, but when Adrian Wojarnowski drops a “Woj Bomb”, it is time for everybody to stop and listen. That’s just what he did earlier tonight if your a Hawks fan, stating that Doncic has moved to the top of the Hawks list at the #3 spot. Luka Doncic has moved to forefront of Atlanta's internal conversation on the third overall pick in Thursday's NBA Draft, league sources tell ESPN. Michigan State's Jaren...Continue reading »

Travis Schlenk inherited a team with a lot of future draft picks. Looking back now, as painful as it was to part with Kyle Korver at the time, moving him while on an expiring contract for a first-round pick can be looked back at as a no-brainer. However, it may be in the Hawks’ best interest to use that asset now rather than later in order to maximize its value. The problem with the Cavs’ 2019 first-round pick that the Hawks acquired in that trade is that it is top 10 protected for 2019 and 2020, and if it does not vest it becomes two second rounders. Now let’s...Continue reading »

One of the biggest surprises of the 2018 season has not been the Braves surging offense, but rather their incredible starting pitching. That’s right, the rotation has been lights out, ranking third in the entire MLB in ERA. Younger pitchers like Mike Foltynewicz and Sean Newcomb have really come into their own. Mike Soroka looks to be shaping out like a really solid middle of the rotation option if not more, and veterans Julio Teheran, Anibal Sanchez and Brandon McCarthy have provided much needed rotational depth. However, with the season starting to heat up as...Continue reading »

Braves fans complained for years that Nick Markakis was “overpaid”. The reality is that he has been a model of consistency for Atlanta. Now that he is fully recovered from a neck injury that he suffered from a few years ago when signed, he is playing like he did back during his glory days with Baltimore. Markakis must have changed the minds of these pessimistic fans because he is now leading all outfielders in the National League in All-Star voting. It would be the first All-Star appearance of his career. He also chose a great time to surge as he is in a...Continue reading »

For the past month, the seemingly once perfect relationship between the Falcons organization and their star wide receiver Julio Jones has turned into summer’s hottest drama. Jones did not participate in OTA’s because he was unhappy with his contract, but the team was sure Julio would be attending mandatory mini camp. However, days before the start of mini camp, the Falcons announced he would be holding out. Now, reports are coming out that the Falcons and Jones are in “bad place”. Who knows exactly what kind of communication the two sides have...Continue reading »

According to Jonathan Givony, the Sacramento Kings are very low on Luka Doncic. He revealed this information on Zach Lowe’s podcast, The Lowe Post, earlier today. Givony and Lowe said the clearest part of the draft is that the Kings are way down on Luka — Hesi Pull-Up Jimbo (@_JimmyMcCormick) June 18, 2018 If true, this would be huge news for Atlanta, because that would mean he would be there for the taking at 3rd overall. Luka is perhaps the most special European prospect of all-time. He just won a championship and MVP honors in the second best professional...Continue reading »

Zach Lowe of ESPN is perhaps the greatest basketball journalists on earth right now. He has his own podcast, The Lowe Post. Earlier today, a pod featuring he and Jonathan Givony dropped, and some juicy Hawks rumors came of it. Let’s get straight to the big picture: Givony says that if Trae Young starts to fall, teams think Atlanta will move up to get him. — Adam (@SixersAdam) June 18, 2018 Wow. If the Hawks could pull off taking a top 3 talent AND Trae Young, that could really be something. It is interesting to hear that they are interested in Young,...Continue reading »

Hawks trade Kent Bazemore, DeAndre Bembry, the 19th pick and 30th pick to the Memphis Grizzlies for Chandler Parsons and the 4th overall pick  There is no disguising just how egregious Chandler Parsons contract has become in today’s NBA. A benefactor of the cap spike prior to the 2016 season, Parsons inked a gargantuan 4-year deal worth almost $95 million. With the cap failing to continue to rise like many teams expected, and Parsons play declining, it has since become one of the worst deals in the NBA. With that being said, it comes as know surprise that the...Continue reading »