Day 2 Draft Pick Grades

Collins hitting Amari Cooper

In day 2 of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Falcons selected Jalen Collins (2nd round) and Tevin Coleman (3rd round). These two players are perfect fits in their respective roles for the Falcons. Collins is what head coach Dan Quinn loves to coach, a tall and physical cornerback. Collins is 6’1”, so he can matchup against the taller receivers in the NFL. With adding another cornerback to the team, the Falcons could potentially move Collins to the nickelback position, with the departure of Robert McClain. Collins only started 10 games in college, but I expect him to grow up and realize he is in the big leagues. Do not be surprised if Collins has a great training camp to eventually start opposite of Desmond Trufant at right cornerback. Quinn and Richard Smith would then slide Robert Alford, a smaller cornerback, to the nickel position. The cornerback out of LSU had a first round draft grade, but fell down to the 2nd round. Not only has he proven he is reliable in coverage, but he also can bring the violence on his hits. Atlanta’s defense has not always excelled at having to hit opposing players (tons of missed tackles), but Collins will hit whoever stands in his path. I do not know which Jalen Collins will show up to the NFL, but I think the Falcons front office chose the right guy to fit their new scheme. He can be a great cornerback in the league, but he has to grow up.

Falcons 2nd Round Grade: B


Tevin Coleman breaking away from defenders

The Falcons basically stole an incredible running back in Round 3. Tevin Coleman, a top running back in the 2015 draft class, was selected 73rd overall. He rushed for over 2000 yards last year, averaging 7.5 yards per carry, with 15 touchdowns. And he was picked in the 3rd round? Not only can the man run, but he also has proven he can catch out of the backfield. Many experts say that Falcons might have gotten the steal of the draft, and I agree 100% with that statement. Coleman is 6’1” and weighs in at 210 pounds, so Atlanta has a back that is big and is very explosive. Coleman is patient, and when he finds the hole, he explodes and has home run speed to the end zone. His vision is top notch and he is a north-south runner. I try to find negatives on this kid, but there is nothing to knock him on. Durability maybe? Not really, as he ran over 2000 yards last year on a broken toe. I kept saying before day 2 that Atlanta should wait and not rush to select a running back, and it paid off. One of the top running backs dropped into their arms, and I am a huge fan of this selection.

Falcons 3rd Round Grade: A



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